Quick Question: iTunes. M4p export

Aug 19, 2012 at 8:10 PM

Does this software liberate m4p & m4a files when a user has lost the ability to play the files in iTunes? I have about 20-30 m4p and just about 10 m4a files, so this is not really a major priority for me, but I do really like those songs and it would be nice to have access to them once again.

Backstory/Details/Idle Musing:

A few years ago, I lost track of my account I used to login to iTunes. I was trying to associate a few accounts into one account, and it just did not work out very well. I ended up orphaning the account which had purchased the DRM protected music files.

Apple support essentially punted and were unable to correct the issues, and while did not say it, probably thought I was going to all that trouble just to pilfer 30-40 songs from iTunes. Right.

Whining: As a result,that was the last time I ever purchased content from them.

Now I do not have access to the account that purchased the DRM protected files to begin with.. mostly owing to the byzantine manner in which apple.com handles account settings and management for customers.